5 Immediate Benefits of Eco-coaching

“In every walk-in nature one receives far more than he seeks.”- John Muir

Yoko Ono wrote the refrain to Imagine in a park. Painters, writers, and musicians have famously drawn on nature as their subject matter. Being outdoors is not only a source of inspiration, it is good for your wellbeing.

Exposure to nature can make you feel better emotionally, it can reduce your blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension, and help you feel less stressed. It makes sense then that an outdoor coaching alliance can be beneficial on a multi-faceted level.

How it works

When contracting with a new client, I ask if they have a preference to being indoors or outdoors. For some, the idea of not having a chair to sit on in a dedicated space can be daunting to begin with.

However, if an individual is open to moving outside, dependent on what they want out of the coaching session, we will aim to be in the park. A typical one hour the session will comprise of 45 minutes of walking, at a pace that best suits the client.

Leaving 15 minutes before closing for note taking, reflection, summerising and agreeing any in-between assignments. The session is not rigid, if a coachee prefers to stop on route, we make it work.

Client feedback

Shining a light on life’s struggles can be challenging. Mining into the depths of one’s complicated thoughts requires a readiness, bravery and humility. In motion, in a place of serenity individuals can be more open to change. The reasons clients say that they prefer to be outdoors, are not limited to and include:

  1. It reduces the intensity of a face-to-face session
  2. Being indoors can be claustrophobic
  3. Fresh air helps you to concentrate and focus
  4. Walking keeps you fit
  5. Being in nature is uplifting and makes you feel good

Being outdoors can also be more relaxing for a client who is suffering from stress inducing challenges, anxiety, and depression.  If a person has any self-limiting belief’s about being tethered to an inside space, same room, same feelings, moving outside can help them become unstuck.

If a person wants to focus on a health-related issue being outside creates a sense of wellbeing that can promote confidence towards achieving their goal.

There is an abundance of green spaces, canals and waterways in and around the UK. It is estimated that the capital city is approximately 47% green (1) with over eight million trees in London alone (2).

Eco coaching allows that freedom to take a walk into something new.

References: (1) Greenspace Information for Greater London CIC, (2015) (2) The i-Tree report (2015)