Coaching Approach

“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self”.

Aldous Huxley

Welcome to Mandarin Gale Coaching.  As an Accredited Coach, I support you in your personal and professional development and help you to flourish during changing and challenging times.

The way I work is to provide a service uniquely tailored to suit your needs.  I draw on a range of techniques including cognitive behavioural therapy to challenge any negative thinking and uses solution-focused strategies so that you can begin to hone in on your strengths, and experience to create your preferred future.


  • Association for Coaching Accredited Advanced Diploma in Coaching, British Psychological Society (BPS) approved
  • Advanced Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Training, (BPS approved)
  • Certificate in Psychological Coaching, (BPS approved)
  • Certificate in Health & Wellbeing Coaching,  (BPS approved)
  • Certificate in Stress Management & Performance Coaching, (BPS approved)
  • Mental Health First Aider, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England


I am an accredited member of the Association for Coaching (AC), and I abide by the AC’s ethical code of practice. I am also an alumni member of the International Society of Coaching Psychology (ISCP)

If you would like to talk to me about coaching and how I can help you, either email me on or text or call me on mobile: 07500 260128

Wellbeing Coaching

52 Little tips on Big ways to Improve your wellbeing

“This is a terrific book! Packed with short, sharp, insightful pieces of advice and tips for pretty much every conceivable life scenario.” – Pam Chowhan

“Angie helped me to prioritise and focus on what I needed to achieve.
I have now worked with Angie for almost a year and my attitude,
self-talk and actions have completely changed”.

– Phoebe, London

I am a Londoner and have lived and worked in Hong Kong, Paris and New York with a diverse range of people.  I am respectful of the differences and diversity of individuals.

My career journey started in broadcasting, later training as an actor before moving into industry, working across sectors in marketing, project management, and change management until I had my eureka moment when I re-trained as a coach, focusing on coaching psychology.

I coach people at different stages of their personal and professional life.  In private practice, and within organisations I collaborate with people at all levels from intern to management, leadership teams, and managing directors.

My interests include writing and nature;  I often take sessions outdoors in green spaces, if a client prefers to do so, as I am an advocate of  eco-coaching

In addition to my coaching bitesize book of weekly tips for optimal wellbeing, I have published Last Exit to Balham a comedy novella set around a significant moment in a person’s life.


“Angie enabled me to bring out that confident, resilient, happy person that was hiding in a negative cloud “.

– Jessica, London

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”.

Albert Einstein

All too often social media can dazzle with an abundance of success stories about people’s lives, yet what is often missing, how do I become my happiest?

Human beings are complex and individual needs vary, the aspects of your life which I can help with, include and are not limited to –

A relationship breakdown;  moving country;  moving home, getting married;  coping with divorce;  pregnancy, parenthood, miscarriage, and stillbirth.  Work life: career change; redundancy; stress and anxiety in the workplace.

Improving relationships in your personal and professional life
Unpaid Carers looking for support to manage their own life
Dealing with anxiety and stress
Overcoming Imposter syndrome
Becoming more resilient
Coping with depression
Managing grief
Overcoming loneliness
Overcoming low self-esteem
Beating procrastination
Balancing perfectionism tendencies

Perhaps, the obstacles to your you are facing are not yet apparent to you but will become so through an initial coaching session.

Create A Coaching Alliance

“After an initial session with Angie I was re-energised and started to feel my confidence return”.

– Sheldon, London

Upcoming Training Events

95% of learning and development managers say that coaching has delivered tangible benefits to their business and 90% of organisations with over 2,000 employees use business coaching (source: The Institute of Leadership and Management)

Retreats, Workshops and Company Off-sites

I offer the following:

  • Design and run wellbeing retreats and workshops in South London.
  • Create bespoke programmes for organisations, providing group coaching to help embed new company strategies, and change management.
  • Facilitate soft skills training and can include the use of role play where applicable.

If you are looking to run personal development workshops, or working within an organisation and have a brief for an off-site or away day, get in touch for a free consultation.


Choose from Angie’s portfolio of workshops for a lunch and learn, a bite-size workshop,
or integrate into a full-length day’s meeting – click on a title for details

Book & Articles

“Coaching turns problems into challenges, challenges into opportunities, and
opportunities into gifts”.

Milton Erickson

To schedule a free consultation about coaching, and how I can help you, please submit your contact details

Contact Details:

Mobile: 07500 260128

For video calls I use Zoom, or Sypke